Chicago Dentist Shares Dangers of Smoking Before Dental Surgery

If you’ve ever had dental surgery, you’ve probably heard our Chicago dentist tell you not to smoke for at least eight weeks prior to your appointment. Many people disregard these warning despite what the dentist says, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s why you want to heed these important instructions before any surgery.
Affects Anesthesia
Smoking has a profound effect on your body’s respiratory system. This can be further exasperated during a surgery. This means that a smoker could require a larger level of anesthesia during a surgery than a non-smoker would. The anesthesiologist’s job is then harder as they work to ensure your respiratory system works properly while you are sleeping.
Increased Chance of Complications
When you smoke, you have a higher likelihood of suffering from pneumonia, infections or a heart attack. That’s because your lungs and heart are already in a poor state from the effects of smoking. Through surgery, you put yourself at a higher risk than if these organs were able to operate at optimum levels. 
Quit Smoking
It’s imperative to your health that you quit smoking prior to surgery. This well-advised precaution from our team isn’t something you should neglect. To have a more effective outcome and remain safe, smoking needs to cease immediately. 
We know that quitting isn’t easy, so here are a few tips that might help you out:
Find a reason to quit (this could just be your dental surgery)
Get help with over the counter remedies or a prescription from your doctor
Lean on your loved ones or find a support group
Treat yourself to stress-relieving activities like massage or yoga
Eat a healthy diet
Reward even the smallest accomplishments with a gift for yourself
Quitting smoking benefits your overall wellbeing as well as your dental health. You won’t have to worry about stained teeth or bad breath in the future and you’ll also save a good chunk of change. Do yourself a favor and head into your next dental surgery with a better chance of success. Your body and mouth will thank you.
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