Discussing Oral Health Issues that Diabetics Face with Our Dentist in Chicago

It's no secret that diabetes may lead to many other health concerns aside from the ailments that diabetics are currently dealing with. The relationship between diabetes and your oral health is important to take note of due to the newfound vulnerability. Our dentist in Chicago encourages patients to share this information with us so we know how to go about caring for your smile moving forward.


Learn about the higher risk dental issues that patients with diabetes face below.

Gum Disease 
This comes as a result of the lack of blood flow in the mouth. Symptoms include red, bleeding and swollen gums. Untreated gum disease can lead to serious issues including tooth loss. In exchange, the gum disease can also raise your blood sugar making your diabetes harder to manage.
Dry Mouth
The constant feeling of thirst is a common complaint when dealing with diabetes. While it is an annoyance, it can also cause serious dental issues. Saliva is an important part of reducing decay in the mouth. It washes away plaque and debris from the teeth to keep them clean. Without saliva, you face more bacteria growing inside the mouth.
Symptoms can include dry, cracked lips and a dry tongue. You might also experience trouble with talking, swallowing or chewing.
There are fluoride rinses that can help to keep your mouth moisturized. In addition, sugar-free gums or mints can increase saliva flow.
Oral Care for Diabetes 
If you struggle with diabetes, it is important that you set up a good oral care routine. This is your best line of defense against decay and gum disease. Here are some steps to take:
1. Brush your teeth twice a day. This removes plaque and food debris which leads to tooth decay. If you need to, invest in an electric toothbrush.
2. Keep your blood sugar under control. Avoid foods that are high in sugar.
3. Schedule regular check-ups. Allow our dentist in Chicago to monitor the progress and watch for any new developments within the mouth. It might be wise to visit more often than someone that doesn’t have diabetes.
Diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from living a full and happy life. Take the steps required to control your blood sugar and care for your mouth. If you need help, our dentist in Chicago will be happy to assist you.
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