Chicago Dentists Share Healthy Summer Foods for Teeth

Summer is here and for a lot of people that means a lot of ice cream and cool soft drinks to combat the summer heat. But you don’t want to have to deal with a cavity interrupting your summer fun and leisure time! You may want to cut back on the ice cream and the soda, but our Chicago dentists want to ensure that you can still enjoy summer dining with these five healthy summer foods that are good for your teeth. 
1. In the summertime, people tend to go towards the water and the many activities that come along with it. For some, this means fishing. If you want to keep your teeth healthy with a good seafood meal, look no further than salmon. There are two things in the fish that can help your smile, which are a compound known as docosahexaenoic acid and an omega-3 fat that aids in preventing periodontal disease. This fish also contains phosphorous, which protects enamel. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, pick salmon as your seafood of choice.
2. It’s summertime, the ideal season for farmer’s markets. Farmer’s markets are well known for their fresh fruit, and if you want a fruit that is going to help your oral health, the pear is the way to go. The fruit is high in water, which dilutes sugars. The pear’s skin also neutralizes the acids in your mouth, which prevents decay. Next time you want a fruit that is also good for your teeth, enjoy some pears!
3. Summer means unwinding with friends or your significant other. For some, this means a relaxed evening with some wine and cheese. Since cheese is a dairy product, it is high in calcium, which makes your teeth stronger. It also contains a protein known as casein, which can help to fortify the surface of the tooth. Try enjoying white wine instead of red to eliminate higher chances of stains on your enamel, as well. Next time you're at the grocery store, make sure to pick up some cheese for a tooth-friendly snack on a mellow summer night. 
4. Summertime means baseball season and fans ducking out to sports bars to watch a game. To keep your oral health in mind, munch on one of buffalo wings' traditional partners, the side of celery. Celery aids in cleaning out your mouth and helps the breakdown process of food for digestion. Next time you order a dozen wings while watching a ball game, make sure you eat your side of celery as well. 
5. If you want to keep your breath fresh and teeth healthy for some possible summer love but don’t want to consume a meal to do so go with sugar-free gum. It freshens your breath, guaranteed, and studies have shown that it can help in the fight against tooth decay. Especially if you chew it for around twenty minutes after a meal. Make sure you go with sugar free though, because we all know that sugar is not good for your teeth. By eating these five foods you are sure to have a pleasant and orally healthy summer. 
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