Bright Dental of Logan Square Offers Dental Implants in Chicago IL

Dental implants are metal posts (similar to a tooth root).  They are typically made out of titanium. Implants are essentially anchors that are surgically placed into the jawbone.  They help to provide a stable support system for artificial teeth or dentures. If you're looking for dental implants in Chicago IL, Bright Dental of Logan Square is the right choice for you.


Benefits of Dental Implants:


Help to preserve your jawbones from atrophy.

- Gives you increased ability to chew. Dental implants often can take the same amount of pressure as natural teeth.

Increased comfort. The implants give you a stable base so that your replacement teeth are anchored firmly into place.  They won't slip or slide. When dentures aren't secured, they can cause painful sores in the mouth and also a clicking sound when you talk or chew.

Last for a long period of time. Choosing implants that are scientifically tested and approved, your implants can last as long as 20 years as long as they are well taken care of with proper regular dental care such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups.

Gives you more confidence. Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth.  Having a nice smile can give you a renewed send of self-esteem.  It also gives you the comfort and peace of mind of being able to smile, chew, talk and laugh with confidence.


Who are Dental Implants For?

Dental implants are appropriate for people of any age.  They can be used to replace one tooth or several. If you have lost teeth or are facing the loss of a tooth, or you’re unhappy with your dentures, please reach out to us for a consultation so that we can help you decide if dental implants are you for.


As part of a consultation, we look at the following characteristics of a patient:

-Overall good health

-Gums are healthy

-Jawbone is strong enough to support the implants

-Good dental hygiene

-Positive attitude

-Commitment to taking care of your teeth going forward


Guided Dental Implants
Guided dental surgery is quickly becoming the new standard in dental implant surgery. It allows doctors to plan implants ahead of a surgery date using dental imaging. Hiossen® Implant’ guided dental drilling solutions let doctors visualize and plan implants for a patient’s dental anatomy with a high level of accuracy, even letting them predict the amount of room needed for a crown or other suprastructure after installing the abutment. With Hiossen equipment, you get quality results from a quality product.


To learn more about dental implants in Chicago IL, call Bright Dental of Logan Square today at (773) 276-9280 to schedule your consultation and move one step closer to a brand new smile.

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