Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Shares Potential Services for Full Mouth Restoration

In the occasional cases when a patient has decay or damage to most of the teeth, our Chicago cosmetic dentist may recommend a full mouth restoration. Many treatments make up this process, so here’s what you need to know from our team at Bright Dental of Logan Square.
Comfort is Key
The goal of the entire process is to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. We always opt for the minimally-invasive and conservative treatments when we're able. This allows the use of high-tech equipment and little discomfort.
During Consultation for Dental Restoration
During the appointment for restoration, expect the following to take place:
An oral exam
Complete set of digital x-rays
Possibly a CT Scan is done in 3D if needed
Complete review of your medical and dental history
Treatment option discussion
Budget options for treatment
A chance to ask questions
Restoration Procedures
Full-mouth restorations include a wide variety of procedures. Some that might be discussed during your planning include:
Dental Implants – This replaces any existing dentures, bridges or crowns.
Crowns – These natural looking, durable options are installed within a sitting to cover teeth that are imperfect.
Porcelain Onlays and Inlays – These are used to fix broken teeth or replace large fillings. It is a durable option that features a natural appearance.
Porcelain Veneers – These are best applied to misshapen, cracked or crooked teeth.
Invisalign – Instead of typical braces, this option provides a more affordable and faster solution to straighten the teeth. In addition, it enables you to have a confident smile even while the gear is in your mouth. 
Root Canal – With the latest technology available, root canals no longer need to produce pain. Most patients find that root canals provide a great option for saving the tooth. 
Gum Disease Treatment – All stages of gum disease are addressed in a full-mouth restoration.
If the condition of your mouth makes you feel that there is no hope left in sight, you can take comfort knowing that with a little help from our team, you can once again have a beautiful smile. Speak with our Chicago cosmetic dentist about the possibility of full-mouth restoration so you can get back on track to having self-confidence. Call Bright Dental of Logan Square at (773) 276-9280 and start your full smile restoration today!
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