Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Shares Why Do You Need to Replace a Missing Tooth

If you are living with a missing tooth, you might think that it’s no big deal. After all, no one can see your back teeth and it’s easy to adjust to. This choice brings some serious consequences with it and might not pay off in the long run.
Physical Consequences 
Having a missing tooth leads to many issues in and out of your mouth. The first thing that will happen is the teeth next to the hole will begin to fill the gap. This leads to malocclusion, meaning that your teeth are no longer aligned properly. Living with malocclusion leads to a crossbite or overbite that puts extra strain on your jaw. Down the road, you’ll need braces to repair this. 
There’s also an increase in tooth decay among the neighboring teeth. In addition, you might not chew your food properly which can lead to digestive concerns. 
Most importantly, you will end up with bone loss along your jawline. Eventually, this creates a sagging appearance around your mouth. That’s why you typically see this in people who wear dentures.
Mental Consequences 
Aside from the physical consequences, there are some mental issues that come with missing a tooth. First, society places a negative light on anyone that doesn’t have all their teeth. Just watch a TV show and tell me what you see about the people playing a poor or unintelligent role.
Then, you have to deal with the negative views from others as a result of this stigma. Even if you have tough skin, this will wear on you over time. You’ll also face difficulty speaking or chewing which might be noticed by others. 
Restore Your Smile
You don’t have to live without missing teeth any longer. Technology has come so far that we now have dental implants as an option. This consists of a titanium post which is covered by a denture or crown.
From the beginning of the process until the end, treatment takes a few months. This allows your mouth to adjust to the implant before making the crown permanent. In the end, it looks just as natural as the tooth you lost. 
This wise investment is something to consider if you want to look and feel your best for many years to come. Talk to your Chicago cosmetic dentist about options that suit your needs.
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