Why Do You Need Yearly Cleanings from a Chicago Dentist?  


If you have dental anxiety or a busy schedule, twice-yearly dental cleanings can be pushed to the wayside. However, seeing your dentist is imperative for your self-confidence and overall health.  


Keep reading to learn all about the importance of yearly cleanings from your local Chicago dentist!  


A Beautiful Smile 


One of the top benefits of seeing a dentist at least once a year is that you’ll leave with a brighter, whiter smile. This is because dental hygienists can remove some stains that are prone to discoloring your teeth.  


You can also ask your dentist about teeth whitening; oftentimes, in only one visit, you can notice a drastic difference in the appearance of your smile! 


Detect Problems Early 


You don’t want to avoid going to the dentist until you’re in pain. Through yearly checkups, your dentist and hygienists will be able to detect developing problems so that you can get the proper treatment before they become critical.  


For instance, gingivitis is treatable if detected early. However, if you continue to let it develop, periodontitis is a disease you can only manage, not cure.  


Your dentist can often tell if your teeth are developing cavities. If detected early, you can reverse tooth decay and avoid root canals or tooth extractions.  


Protect Your Overall Health 


Lastly, keep in mind that your oral health also affects your overall health. For example, there is a strong link between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. With this in mind, twice-yearly cleanings can significantly reduce your chances of developing gingivitis and, in turn, heart disease.  


Schedule an Appointment with Your Favorite Chicago dentist 


If you have dental anxieties, don’t be afraid to tell your dentist! Experienced dentists are often accustomed to patients who have these dental anxieties and will try their best to accommodate your needs.  

Ready to schedule your dental appointment with a quality Chicago dentist? Contact us today to get started! 


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